Countdown the days until the LPM-TECH Conference in Columbia, on September 18, being held at the Columbia Marriott on Main St. Lawyers and law staff familiar with the Solo & Small Firm Conference will be happy to know that this grew out of the same conference. But now is the time to spread the gospel of technology and law office practices to everyone, including the YLD (Young Lawyers Division). The YLD are joining in part of the event, including co-hosting a fun networking reception on the rooftop of the Meridian building immediately following the conference. For more information and to sign up, see the brochure online or go right to registration.


Beginners Encryption

With lawyers turning to mobile devices (notebooks, tablets, smartphones) over desktop computers, encryption has become even more important. The good news is that there are many reliable, inexpensive products that can make encryption easier for anyone to do. To educate yourself, start with Lifehacker’s Beginner’s Guide to Encryption, then their updated article on Five Best File Encryption Tools. Read Law Technology Today’s Encryption is Not a Four Letter Word, then PCWorld’s How to Encrypt (Almost) Anything. Lastly, finish with Easy Encryption for Email – Not an Oxymoron by Catherine Sanders Reach. Don’t rely on your computer person to do everything for you. Lawyers need to understand encryption for a variety of reasons.

Inbox Zero

Having trouble reaching “inbox zero”? Inbox by Google is a stand-alone app for Gmail accounts that displays messages in auto-sorted bundles labeled travel, promotions, updates, etc. Even better, the app allows you to check off whole bundles of email without having to open them. Mailstrom is an app that works with Outlook and Gmail. It offers a wide variety of actions to help you clean that inbox up. In addition to delete and archive, you can also choose chill, which hides selected messages until a later date, or expire, which auto-forwards future emails from the sender to a set folder. Click here to read more about useful apps for managing your email and you could be at “inbox zero” in no time!

Travel Gadgets

The upcoming holiday season means a lot of us will soon be travelling to visit family and friends. Before you take off, check out some tech gadgets that can help you avoid common pitfalls that can make your travel plans less than pleasant. Whether you’re using your smartphone to navigate your travel plans or to wrap up a few loose ends at the office, the last thing you want is a dead phone battery. The UNU Ultrapak Tour Portable Battery Pack stores enough power to fully recharge most smartphones three times. Another big travel worry is lost luggage. Avoid this by using the LugLoc Luggage Tracker. Place this little device in your bag and you can track your luggage’s location on your iPhone or Android phone via the LugLoc app. Click here for even more great travel gadgets.

CryptoWall 2.0

Several small firms in SC have been hit by new a ransomware virus called CryptoWall 2.0. This type of ransomware typically comes disguised as an invitation to open a Google Docs or Dropbox file. When you click the link to open the shared file, the virus infects your computer. Since firewalls and antivirus programs are often not adequate in protecting against this type of attack, prevention is your best defense. Tell your employees not to open any shared files that arrive via email from senders they do not know. If a recipient is in doubt, they should call the person they believe sent the link to confirm it is legitimate prior to opening the file. Also, make sure your office has adequate backups. Check out the SC Bar’s Cyber Security page for more resources on protecting your office from cyber attacks.

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