Draft Better Bills

Lawyers enjoy practicing law, but rarely do you find a lawyer who enjoys billing for his or her work. There are steps you can take to draft bills that clients are more likely to pay. Put a date on your billing statement and a due date for when payment must be made. Without a due date, your bill will end up at the bottom of your client’s stack. Make sure you include entries that were done at “no charge.” Clients appreciate when this is pointed out. For more billing tips, read Billing Pointers That Can Improve Your Cash Flow.

Stand up!

Sitting at your desk all day is not good for your health! Studies show that even if you hit the gym after work, your efforts may not undo the effects of sitting in your chair all day. Although most of us have heard about the treadmill desk craze, did you know you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to have some of the same benefits? To counteract the health risks of prolonged sitting, try taking regular walking breaks around the office. Set an alarm to remind yourself to get up and move once every hour. You may also want to look into standing desks as a solution. Read this article to learn why sitting at work is dangerous and what you can do.

Stay tuned for my future review of the Varidesk Pro Plus, which just arrived at my office!varidesk-1

SC lawyers targeted in serious scams

The Bar has received numerous reports of several sophisticated, convincing scams currently circulating that target S.C. lawyers. They involve actual companies and people, and plausible facts. Besides e-mail, the “clients” may actually call the lawyers to further enhance the “legitimacy” of the scam. However, checks sent to the lawyers, according to the financial institutions where presented, are fraudulent; often they are real checks that have been altered. Scams include the companies Red Band UK and Bernard Stilwell Architects. While these are legitimate companies, they are being used as part of the scam. Please be aware that not all scams rely solely on e-mail and to thoroughly investigate all new matters, particularly where a foreign entity/person is involved. And never disburse funds from your trust account until you are sure they are good. For more on trust accounting refer to Trust Accounting and Financial Recordkeeping in South Carolina by Barbara Seymour. Unfortunately, unless you have actually been defrauded, there is little that you can do other than report the scam and warn others. For a thorough examination of cybercrime and law firms, read this issue of LawPRO magazine. The article on Commercial Debt Collection Fraud is particularly instructive.

Disposing of your old PCS

Today’s short technology life span mandates replacing old computers and devices every few years. What do you do with your old PCs after you don’t want them anymore? Electronic waste (e-waste) can contain many toxic elements, so it’s important to dispose of your old devices properly. Read this article to learn more about the world’s growing e-waste problem. Another big concern when getting rid of old computers is ensuring that your private data doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Darik’s Boot and Nuke is a popular free utility that will wipe your hard drive, making data unrecoverable. For more info on how to properly dispose of your outdated electronics, head over to PMAP’s Disposing of Old Computers page.

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