Word 2007′s extra space

If, like me, you are tearing your hair out because Word 2007 keeps adding an extra line after every paragraph (or hard return) when you just want a single line, there’s a permanent fix.  It’s not hard to see that you can click on the “line spacing” button on the Ribbon to change the “Remove space before paragraph” option. This will stop Word from adding the extra line for that document only, though.

There are a couple of ways to turn off the extra space permanently. One is to edit the Normal.dot template. About.com has easy step-by-step instructions to do this. I’ve tried it and it works.

Or, you can go to the “source” – Microsoft – which has a different solution. Roll back your Word version to 2003.  Yes, to fix the line spacing and paragraph spacing in Word 2007 so that it is the same as in earlier versions of Word, you have to change the Style Set option. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Home tab.
  2. Click Change Styles in the Styles group, point to Style Set, and then click the style set that you want to use.To change the default formatting of your document, such as the line spacing and paragraph spacing, to the default formatting that is used in earlier versions of Word, click Word 2003.
  3. To set the style set as the default style set in Word 2007, click Change Styles in the Styles group, and then click Set as Default.
  4. Sigh with relief.

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