Scams against lawyers

As a lawyer, what would you do if a prospective client contacted you by email and asked for your help collecting a large debt? What if you were sent a retainer check from a new client who contacted you through email? Would the answer be different if the client were a well-known foreign corporation? Lawyers around the country and around the world have been falling victim to well-executed fraudulent schemes involving phony checks (or cheques). Though the scam varies, there’s always a phony check and a request for some of the funds to be wired by the attorney.

Jim Calloway recently blogged about scams against lawyers and linked to an article I recommend: Check Scams That Target Lawyers. Another article I recommend is How Not to Get Stung by Promises of Easy Offshore Work by my colleagues Laura Calloway and David Bilinsky. You might think it couldn’t happen to you, but the perpetrators are very sophisticated. A Houston attorney recently shared his story of being taken for $182,500.