Battery Boost

All smartphone users know one thing for certain: smartphone batteries don’t stay charged for long. Most feel lucky if they can get through a full 12 hour day before needing to charge their battery. I recently more than doubled the strength of my factory installed HTC Droid Incredible battery by purchasing a Seidio extended life battery.

I am now able to go 2 to 3 days without seeing the dreaded orange battery symbol. Here are my tips for better battery life, even without buying a new battery.
1. Don’t charge your battery before you need to. Drain as much life out of it as possible.
2. Charge your phone while it’s still turned on. Charge it at least two hours beyond when the battery indicator shows fully charged.
3. Unplug your phone from the charger and turn the phone off (yes, I said off). Plug it back into the charger. Look at your battery indicator light – most likely it will have turned orange or red, showing it can be charged further. Continue charging until green. Unplug, turn on, use and enjoy!
If you find that your phone simply will not stay charged long enough, don’t delay, buy a new battery. It’s worth it.

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