NOW is the TIME to register for LPM-TECH!!

This year’s Conference has so much to offer, including THREE past ABA TECHSHOW Chairs speaking (one speaker, Debbie Foster, is the Chair again, in 2018).  NOW IS THE TIME to register for LPM-TECH (please see program descriptions in the bar at the top of the Conference website)!

There are lots of reasons you may not have registered yet, from “not sure if I will be free that day” to “I came last year.” Well, I can’t say whether you will be busy that day, but I can tell you that just as the law changes, so does technology – and there have been some big changes in the last year – from cybersecurity to products. As always, we are focusing on the PRACTICAL, understandable and realistic things that lawyers and their staff can do to be more efficient, safer, serve their clients better, and be more profitable.

I will save for later more details about the great CLE offerings, but don’t miss the very good odds of winning a prize in our raffle. This year, the Section is raffling (drum roll) a Varidesk Standing Desk – the hottest thing around. Studies show that sitting all day can actually shorten your life! The Varidesk allows you switch between sitting or standing with your monitor and keyboard. ALSO, we are raffling not one, but TWO 24” Samsung widescreen LED computer monitors. Stop straining your eyes! But you have to come to the Conference to take part! PMAP also has a raffle – an external 2 TB hard drive, a Dymo Turbo Labelwriter with labels, AND a Jabra wireless headset for your phone. Plus, we have our traditional Conference giveaways to ALL attendees. (I’ll let that be a surprise for later.)

Please, take a look at the Conference website and see what you’ll miss if you’re not there! This is our Section’s biggest event and our Section annual meeting. We need your support!

THANK YOU! If you have any questions, you can contact me, Emily or Cheryl. We’re counting on you to keep our Conference going!

Courtney (Kennaday) Troutman, Section Liaison


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