Bargain shopping for technology

Friday seems like a good day to tell you about my favorite bargain alerts.  I subscribe to email alerts, which I receive on a nearly daily basis. Usually, I just glance at the subject line and delete the email if it isn’t something I want. While I will admit that I subscribe to a number of online retailer’s email alerts, lawyers hunting for technology or law office deals might be interested in these two: HotSheet and Super-saver edition. Both offer fabulously discounted deals on everything from new computers to vacuum cleaners — basically, electronics in general. Recent deals from eCost included a 250 GB portable hard drive (I think all lawyers should have one), an 8 GB USB flash drive (ditto), and a 4 GB microSD card for cameras and whatnot for only $5.99.  On NewEgg, recertified routers, all-in-one color printers, digital cameras and a Nintendo Wii enticed buyers. As with all online retailers, take heed of shipping charges and try to shop when they are offering free shipping.

Online backup storage

CrevaultI did it. I backed up files from my PC at work to the CoreVault “vault” in the sky (well, really it’s two secure locations a mid-west state).  Last week, I decided to find out first hand how easy or difficult it would be to backup some of the critical folders of data on my PC using CoreVault’s services.  Turns out it’s easy. A CoreVault representative (Edward) called me at an appointed time to assist me in the process. In a matter of thirty minutes, I was ready to backup. Continue reading

Software in the “cloud”

Maybe you’ve seen this term bandied about lately: SaaS.  As close as anyone can tell, it’s come to mean “software as a service,” which is clear as mud to most people. Instead of getting hung up on “SaaS” or “cloud computing,” I think it’s better we just talk about law office applications that we can access through the Internet. Two products have come to the forefront for case management, time and billing that you use via an Internet connection:  Rocket Matter and Clio. Why would you want to work this way? Simplicity is one reason. Instead of having to deal with software installations and hardware upgrades to work with the software, you pay a monthly subscription fee and login through the Internet – as easily as you would use Westlaw, for instance.  If the idea of SaaS appeals to you, read a new review of Rocket Matter online, here. You will also learn more about software as a service.

Fraud against lawyers

At the Bar, we are hearing more and more stories about lawyers falling victim to fraudulent schemes – from money laundering to phony debt collection.  To better educate yourself, read the Fraud Info Sheet by LawPRO of Canada.  This info sheet contains red flags to beware of in both clients and transactions. For example: beware the new client from outside of the U.S. who needs you to complete a monetary transaction in a big rush.

In addition, you might want to read Internet Check Scams that Target Attorneys and Law Firms by Don Coker.

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