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Do You Know What to Do with Unclaimed Client Funds in your Trust Account?


The January 2018 issue of the South Carolina Lawyer magazine has a helpful article by Barbara M. Seymour which outlines exactly how a lawyer must handle unclaimed funds. It also includes advice on making sure you don’t have a problem with unclaimed funds in the future.

Make sure your firm is compliant and read her article today.

How to Avoid Client Confusion Regarding Fees and Charges


Begin by discussing fees and costs openly and candidly with potential clients. Make sure they understand the difference between attorney’s fees and disbursement costs. Also, be sure to give your clients a fee agreement written in easy to understand language.

Then, when it comes time to draft bills, be sure to follow these tips and check out “How to Draft Bills Clients Rush to Pay” (a resource located in the Lending Library), so that your clients want to pay you!

Contact for additional assistance.

Tips on How to Handle Wet Paper Legal Files


With the disastrous flooding in North Carolina and South Carolina, it is likely that there are lawyers’ offices among the flooded. Once the waters recede, lawyers will have books and wet paper legal files to contend with. First, understand that the paper will never be the same, even if it is readable. According to the Smithsonian Institute, air drying can work, but if you have a lot of documents, you should put them in plastic bags and freeze them in the coldest freezer possible. Later, you can either call a professional to freeze dry the papers or work on them yourself, following instructions online. Anyone can easily see this approach isn’t the best. What if you have no electricity for a freezer? Will you have time for the delicate job of pulling pages apart? A better solution: make sure that all of your law firm’s documents are scanned and saved in an internet document storage site, such as Mozy, Carbonite or SpiderOak.

Are you listening? How understanding client feedback can help your business…


What do clients say about your services? Client feedback is a crucial component in increasing client satisfaction and loyalty, just like any business.

Whether you gather client feedback through realistic discussions or provide general surveys, not only is it important to gather information, but also, to understand what clients are expressing. By doing so, this allows you to make changes to not only to your services and systems, but also to how you deliver services and systems to clients.

Here are a few questions to ask clients about the services you provide. Also, check out these three simple tips from Ruby Receptionists to make every client’s experience great and another article on how to become a trusted advisor from Attorney at Work.

Consider that by positively improving your client's experiences, clients will share their positive thoughts and feedback with others. This in turn, will hopefully lead to increased firm profits, not from higher rates and fees, but by simply hearing what clients are saying and making it your goal to provide quality client experiences through your own clients' feedback.

Written by: Emily Worley, PMAP Assistant, SC Bar

Edited by: Courtney Kennaday, Director, PMAP, SC Bar