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Posts published in “Email”

Phishing E-mails


Phishing emails appear in computer user’s inboxes year-round. “Phishing” Phishing is an e-mail fraud method in which the perpetrator sends out legitimate-looking email in an attempt to gather personal and financial information from recipients. These tricky e-mails seem to appear more often during the holiday season. Here are 10 clues from Tech Republic to help computer users spot "fishy" emails. Find great tech tips like this and more practice pointers on the South Carolina Bar’s Practice Management Assistance Program webpage.

E-mail Security


E-mail is one of the most important communication methods, but do you take the proper precautions to lessen security vulnerabilities and threats? The FBI is monitoring a family of scams called Business E-mail Compromise (BEC) where businesses are being targeted by crime groups located overseas to steal e-mail account credentials. Learn more about it here from a digital forensics expert.