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How to Avoid Client Confusion Regarding Fees and Charges


Begin by discussing fees and costs openly and candidly with potential clients. Make sure they understand the difference between attorney’s fees and disbursement costs. Also, be sure to give your clients a fee agreement written in easy to understand language.

Then, when it comes time to draft bills, be sure to follow these tips and check out “How to Draft Bills Clients Rush to Pay” (a resource located in the Lending Library), so that your clients want to pay you!

Contact for additional assistance.

Have you checked out the SC Bar Lending Library?


Are you looking for helpful hints to help you grow your practice?

Want to learn more about how to incorporate technology in your office?

Is it time to prepare for retirement?

The SC Bar Lending Library has over 170+ practice management and technology books available to bar members in good standing on these topics and more!

Bar members can check up to two books per a three-week period. If additional time is needed to finish reviewing the item(s), bar members may email the Lending Library Manager to request a three-week extension of time from the original due date. Material extensions of time are only granted if there is not a waiting list for that particular item.

To check out a book, bar members can visit the Lending Library located on the second floor of the South Carolina Bar at 950 Taylor Street, Columbia, SC. Out of town members who are unable to come in person may mail this checkout form with a $5 check for shipping/handling.

Learn more about the Lending Library here or check out the newest resources and overall inventory. Do you have questions about checking out a book or about the Lending Library, in general? Email or

How Good Lawyers Survive


One of my favorite funny movie lines of all time comes from 1956's "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". Our hero is running for his life. His voice-over narration is (deadpan): "I had known fear before, but never fear like that." The understatement cracks me up every time.

I was somehow reminded of this line when reading the introduction of a new book dealing with bad times in law practices.  Lawyers have seen tough times before, but never quite this tough.  How Good Lawyers Survive Bad Times by Sharon Nelson, Jim Calloway and Ross Kodner has just been released by ABA books. Need a pep talk with a heaping helping of practical advice? This book is a 212-page cookbook for making lemonade out of lemons, figuratively speaking. As anyone who has seen these well-known authors and speakers would expect, the advice is delivered with compassion, common sense and a dose of humor. Most of the advice is geared to those in small firms, those recently laid off, and those struggling to find jobs. There are tips on getting clients to pay, finding a new job on the Internet, alternative billing , and resume writing. The last section of the book is devoted solely to using technology to practice better, cheaper and faster than before.  For lawyers experiencing the worst of what the economy has dealt, this book is a lifeline. Purchase your own copy, or check it out from the Bar lending library. Good-Lawyers