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Using Format Painter in Microsoft Word


Most know how to copy and paste text in Microsoft Word. However, sometimes, after pasting a section of text, it does not always look like the other sections.


The "Format Painter" feature, available in versions Microsoft Word 2010, 2013, and 2016, allows you to copy the formatting of one section and "paint" that formatting to another section.

Click here for "Format Painter" tips from Microsoft. (After clicking the link, look for the Microsoft Word link and then click to discover the see other tips for Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc.)

This tip is courtesy of Brett Burney, special guest speaker at the 2017 Solo & Small Firm LPM-TECH Conference, held in Columbia last Friday.  Do you have questions or want to learn more about the Solo and Small Firm Section, contact Section Liaison Courtney Troutman or PMAP Assistant Emily Worley.

How to Increase Your Productivity When Using Microsoft Word


Would you love to increase your productivity when using Microsoft Word? Check out these 34 tips and tricks from Techwelkin. Also, the Goodwill Community Foundation website has free MS Office tips and tricks for all Microsoft Word versions. Have a question about managing your office or office technology? Email Practice Management at for assistance.

E-mail Overload: Tips on how to gain control of your Inbox


Is your inbox on e-mail overload? It turns out attorneys and their staff are not alone! It seems that many individuals find themselves in the same boat. So much so, that several sessions were dedicated to it at ABA TECHSHOW 2016!

Nonetheless, take heart, friend, there is hope!

Here are a few favorite takeaways from three sessions I attended: "Time Task Email & Distraction Management - Tame the Digital Chaos" with Paul Unger; "Supercharge Microsoft Office with Add-Ins and Apps" with Catherine Sanders Reach and Bob Ambrogi; and "Outlook Tips" with Debbie Foster. Some of these takeaways include great strategies as well!

Strategies to Help Control E-mail Inbox Overload

  • Limit multi-tasking activities
  • Stop operating from your e-mail
    • Don't leave your e-mail up all day
      • Turn off notifications
        • Have an exception for a particular person? Create a rule
        • Go to your inbox settings and fix annoyances
      • Set a schedule as to when you will check e-mail
        • Establish a policy with your office to call you for emergencies rather than use e-mail
          • Limit "Do not disturb" hours
            • Do rounds with your staff at a particular time every day so a schedule helps to cut down interruptions
            • Avoid micromanaging
  • Operate from a task list or calendar
      • Every task should be an appointment on your calendar. Block off the amount of time it will take approximately to complete that task
      • Want your task list to show up separate from e-mail? Tech Tip: In Microsoft Outlook, right click on the word Calendar or Tasks and click on Open New Window for these modules to show up separately when you want to avoid seeing your inbox
  • Operate from a clean desk
    • Work on a single task at a time
      • Go buy a tomato timer to help you work on one single task at a time for 25 minutes (based on a book called "The Pomodoro Technique")
      • Listen to music for white background noise to help you focus
    • Put cell phone away
  • Batch Process E-mail
    • READING E-MAIL --Ask yourself: "What do I have to do to touch this e-mail once?"
      • Follow the 4 D's to touch once
        • Delete
        • Do
        • Delegate
        • Delay
    • REPLYING TO E-MAIL: Use autotext or "Quick Parts" for repeat responses
      • If you are unable to respond immediately or your response requires some thought, schedule the e-mail as a task on your task list or appointment on your calendar and file or flag the e-mail to follow up on

Software Tools to Help with E-mail Inbox Overload

Looking for more tips, tricks, and tutorials to manage your e-mail overflow? Here are the top 50 most popular tips, tricks and tutorials for Outlook and Gmail from About Tech. Check out these other great tips from Mind Tools to help save your e-mail sanity and if you are looking to brush up on your e-mail management skills or more, check out GCF Learn Free's website.

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