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Posts published in “Tablets”

Legal Apps


Did you know you can find legal apps in the Apple App Store or Google Play? The Lawyerist has created an informative, sortable table of every legal app for iPhone and iPad, including apps for billing. You can also search law school websites for more lists, such as Arizona State’s.

Beginners Encryption


With lawyers turning to mobile devices (notebooks, tablets, smartphones) over desktop computers, encryption has become even more important. The good news is that there are many reliable, inexpensive products that can make encryption easier for anyone to do. To educate yourself, start with Lifehacker’s Beginner’s Guide to Encryption, then their updated article on Five Best File Encryption Tools. Read Law Technology Today’s Encryption is Not a Four Letter Word, then PCWorld’s How to Encrypt (Almost) Anything. Lastly, finish with Easy Encryption for Email – Not an Oxymoron by Catherine Sanders Reach. Don’t rely on your computer person to do everything for you. Lawyers need to understand encryption for a variety of reasons.