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Are you prepared for a hard drive fail or an office-server failure?

Do you own a three-copy backup?

If not, ABA TECHSHOW 2018 speaker and planning board member, Barron Henley, suggests not to cut costs. Rather, legal-tech professionals suggest firms implement multiple backup solutions, such as an internet cloud backup (Mozy ProMozy HomeCrashPlanCarboniteSOS Online Backup), along with multiple external hard drives, and a form of network attached storage.

Talk to your technology specialist about your backup. For further information, contact

Selecting New Technology?


Is it time to make some office technology upgrades or purchase new hardware or software?

Before you run out to make any decisions, be sure to review the new Selecting New  Technology webpage from PMAP. This member resource contains checklists to make solid technology decisions for the new small law firm. It also contains lists to help you answer questions such as how to choose a “Mac” Computerhow to choose practice management software and what are the must-have tools for your law practice?

Have questions about technology upgrades? Contact for assistance.

What is a LegalBoard?


Has this happened to you?

You’re deep in thought, writing a legal document on your PC, when you have to stop what you’re doing to remember how to insert a section symbol. Or maybe it’s the paragraph symbol, or the abbreviation for the court.

Lawyer Brian H. Potts has developed a keyboard for lawyers, called the LegalBoard.

LegalBoard puts symbols, track changes, common legal terms and more--right on your keyboard! If you are interested in learning more about this time and aggravation-saving device, read reviews on LawSites and

Do you own a laptop or mobile device?


How long has it been since you fully backed it up and encrypted it?

If your answer is longer than 30 days, then you might want to think about backing it up and encrypting it today!

Why? Because in the United States, a laptop goes missing every 50 seconds!

That's not the best odds for a busy law firm!

Don't take a chance! Fully backup and encrypt that laptop or mobile device today!

Should I or Should I Not Upgrade to Windows 10? – A Look at Hardware & Software Requirements + Resources: Part 2


PREFACE: In researching this blog post, we were surprised to find a lot of information for PC users and Attorneys to sort through. We have attempted to highlight the most important information and resources we could find on this subject. We encourage our readers to evaluate your own situation as a Windows user and make the best decision that works for you. Because there is so much information, we have split this post into two parts (see Part 1 here).

PART 2 - What hardware & application software requirements should I evaluate before upgrading to Windows 10? What problems might I face if I don't do this?

Once you determine that you own Windows 7 or Windows 8 and verify that you qualify for the Windows 10 upgrade, then you want to check your PC hardware. In addition to doing that, you also want to check with all hardware/software vendors you use, to make sure your current hardware/software is compatible with the Windows 10 upgrade. This includes researching any major practice management software you use for your firm. Why is this important? Because the problem that many users have had with Windows 10 is that their hardware or software was not compatible for the upgrade to work properly and some users were upset to discover that the free Windows 10 version has some feature deprecation, meaning that in the process of upgrading, Windows was removing software that was no longer compatible.

Some users have also experienced Windows 10 automatically updating without their knowledge or permission, meaning they lost key incompatible software or files they needed. (Check out the lawsuit most recently in the news.) While most people (individual users and not law firms) have not had a problem with upgrading and not having a backup, it is important to establish a full backup of your computer and have a record of all product keys because these days you just never know. It is also good to note for law firms to note that some Legaltech experts express that there are some privacy concerns with Windows 10. Other tech experts feel that Microsoft has done a good job in being transparent about those concerns and there are many who really like Windows 10 a lot better than its predecessors, including some experts with PC Mag.

And, what other resources are out there to help me make my decision?

Regardless, there seems to be a great divide on what legal professionals and even everyday PC users should do. The Bar cannot and does not make decisions for lawyers, but we can provide a lot of the information that is out there to help lawyers make these kinds of decisions. Below are a couple of great articles (and a podcast) to check out as you decide what works best for you and your practice:

Why Windows 10 isn’t free

10 reasons why you shouldn’t upgrade to Windows 10

Should businesses upgrade to Windows 10?

Should I upgrade to Windows 10? Why upgrade to Windows 10?

Why Your Office Should Care about Upgrading to Windows 10

5 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10: What Lawyers Need to Know (podcast)

7 Things Small Business Owners Need to Know about Windows 10

Should You Take Advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade?

Even if you want to keep the Windows version of Windows 7 or Windows 8, ZDNet reports that users can lock in the free Windows 10 upgrade and keep the Windows version (either Window 7 or Windows 8). Check out this article for more information.

Regardless of what you choose, know that your decision is the right one for your practice. Contact us at We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this.

Written by: Emily Worley, PMAP Assistant, SC Bar

Edited by: Courtney Kennaday, Director, PMAP, SC Bar

DISCLAIMER: This information (or the names of these products are) is passed along without any warranties by the South Carolina Bar as to its fitness for a particular purpose. It has not been tested by the Bar or by the individual below personally and is offered for your information only.