Cybersecurity Alert: All 3 Billion Yahoo! Accounts Breached

If you have email affiliated with a Yahoo! Account, be sure to check it if you haven’t already.

Yahoo started sending out notifications on Tuesday that a September 2016 breach was greater than originally thought.
Today, Yahoo account holders should follow these steps from PC World and CNet. Users should also evaluate their options and consider migrating to a different email platform. CNet shows users how to import  data from Yahoo to a Gmail account or users can follow these tips from UpTime JurisPage to set up a custom email address.
Do you have questions about this cybersecurity alert? Contact for assistance.

Using Format Painter in Microsoft Word

Most know how to copy and paste text in Microsoft Word. However, sometimes, after pasting a section of text, it does not always look like the other sections.


The “Format Painter” feature, available in versions Microsoft Word 2010, 2013, and 2016, allows you to copy the formatting of one section and “paint” that formatting to another section.

Click here for “Format Painter” tips from Microsoft. (After clicking the link, look for the Microsoft Word link and then click to discover the tip…plus see other tips for Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc.)

This tip is courtesy of Brett Burney, special guest speaker at the 2017 Solo & Small Firm LPM-TECH Conference, held in Columbia last Friday.  Do you have questions or want to learn more about the Solo and Small Firm Section, contact Section Liaison Courtney Troutman or PMAP Assistant Emily Worley.


Dear Solo & Small Firm Section:

ONE WEEK LEFT?! Are you kidding me? Nope, that’s all the time we have left before a gangbuster of a Section conference! We’re talking vendors, we’re talking prizes, networking, NFL great Sam Wyche, world-class CLE with FIVE former ABA TECHSHOW speakers (three of whom are former Chairs – one is Co-Chair next year)!  We’re talking a fun, lively, you only get this once a year so WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR Conference!! This Conference covers topics from a practical angle you won’t find anywhere else: Topics include: E-Discovery (how to), Organizing Your Firm for Success, Choosing the Cloud (or not), practicing on the go with mobile devices, data breach prevention, and everyone’s favorite tips panel.


You can STILL register online or call (803)771-0333.  OR, if you can register in person the day of the Conference. The Conference registration opens at 7:45 a.m.

Registration info:

Be sure to stop by the Solo & Small Firm and PMAP exhibit booth for your conference gift, to register for prizes, great giveaways, used books, free advice, and more!!

I can’t wait to see everyone there!


Courtney (Kennaday) Troutman, Director, PMAP

Time’s a-wastin’!! This Friday is THE EARLY BIRD deadline!

Hello Solo & Small Firmers!

Time’s a-wastin, or in lawyer parlance: the Statute of Limitations is about to run! The Deadline approaches to get the double discount for the LPM-TECH conference: you get a discount for being both a member of the Solo & Small Firm Section PLUS the Early Bird discount, BUT you must login to the Bar’s website and register this Friday OR call the Registrar at 803 799-6653 ext. 122 (do this particularly if you are not a bar member). After this Friday, you will still get the Section discount, but not the early bird.

Every year, we hear from people whose favorite session is “Amazing Apps, Practical Practice Pointers, Terrific Tech Tips & Wonderful Websites.” This year’s session will not disappoint, not with THREE past Chairs of ABA TECHSHOW and veteran “tip givers” Paul Unger, Debbie Foster, and Brett Burney. You’ll see some fun/useful websites, practice tips you’ll love, and great apps for mobile device. All at a quick clip – but don’t worry, you’ll get all the tips in the materials later. AFTER this presentation, the Section will draw names for PRIZES: TWO widescreen computer monitors, and one Varidesk standing desk (you NEED this). PMAP will raffle off: an external hard drive, a wireless phone headset, and a Dymo label maker. Don’t forget to come by the SSF and PMAP exhibit booth to pick up your free conference GIVEAWAY during the day and talk to PMAP staffers, Courtney Kennaday Troutman and Emily Worley.

ALSO: LUNCH is included in the price and you’ll be inspired by a special guest speaker*.

Please be there for this special event at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center on September 15, 2017. The Section needs YOU to keep this event going! Our registration numbers are lagging behind last year’s. Remember that non-Bar members get a reduced rate and law students can go for $50!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at


*NFL former Head Coach Sam Wyche, CLE credit not given


Dear Small Firm Friends,

As promised, I’m here to point out a few more reasons you might kick yourself if you miss this year’s LPM-TECH conference in Columbia on September 15:

  1.  Superstars.  When our CLE division asked me for my suggestions for speakers, I gave them my wish list – never dreaming they would pick THREE of the biggest names on the list: Brett Burney, Debbie Foster, and Paul Unger.
    Brett Burney
    Debbie Foster
    Paul Unger

    I am talking about three past ABA TECHSHOW Chairs who happen to experts in law office management AND technology. Ms. Foster will even be back as co-chair of TECHSHOW 2018. When she last spoke at our conference, it was standing room only! This time, we are prepared with a bigger room. Lawyers raved about her practical, real-life approach. Paul Unger is one of my personal favorite speakers, hands down. When I attend a conference where he is speaking, you can bet I am in that room. Newer to South Carolina audiences, Brett Burney is another popular national speaker on valuable topics for small firm lawyers, from e-discovery to practicing law from a mobile device. These three speakers are superstars, but they are just three of a GREAT lineup of speakers, which includes SC lawyers.

  2.  Change your practice for the better now. All speakers will have good ideas you can easily and immediately implement in your practice. Our superstar speakers are sensitive to both practicality and cost issues for small firm lawyers. The concepts from this CLE could easily transform your law practice. For example, solo practitioner Jeremy Thompson, of Columbia, says that attending the Conference several years ago led him to immediately change the way he was managing his practice, with satisfying and verifiable results – practices he continues to utilize.
  3.  It’s a favorite. Lastly, after the email I sent the Section last week, I received several favorable, unsolicited, emails from lawyers about their experiences with the Conference. One included this: “I have been to LPM-Tech the last two years and loved it both times.  It’s a great event and I always found the information presented extremely valuable.”

SO, ASK YOURSELF: Can you afford to miss this Conference? You know whether you can be practicing more efficiently and being more profitable. You know whether you don’t know enough about many of these topics. Our ethics rules require a lawyer to be competent, first and foremost (Rule 1.1). Are you management and tech competent?

I REALLY hope you’ll register NOW for this FUN and USEFUL Conference! For the early bird discount, register before September 2. Don’t forget: members of the Solo & Small Firm Section save an additional $50.  If you are receiving this email and aren’t a member of the Section, it’s just $20 to join and you’ll still save $30 on the conference! To join, email Emily Worley or Courtney Troutman for more information.

THANK YOU and see you there!


Liaison to the Solo & Small Firm Section

Director, Practice Management Assistance Program