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Fastcase Fast Tip: How Do I Search Possible Spellings and Misspellings of a Search Term?


Looking for a quick search tip using Fastcase®?

Test drive the single letter wildcard “?” to discover all possible spellings and misspellings of a term. Type the term “advis?r” in the Fastcase 6 or Fastcase 7 search box and find cases with both spellings (advisor and adviser).


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Fastcase 7 Legal Research Now Available


Starting today, the Bar offers access to both classic Fastcase and Fastcase 7, the all-new version of Fastcase. Fastcase 7 is an even more fluid and easy-to-navigate online legal research library. It has all of the familiar features and tools, plus an enhanced Forecite, Tag Cloud, Authority Check and Bad Law Bot, more advanced search options, new results screen options, larger fonts and selections to make documents easier to read on computer screens and new dual-column printing options. To access Fastcase, login through the Bar website using your Bar username and password. You will still see the familiar version of Fastcase, but you’ll also have the option to use Fastcase 7 by using the slider at the top right corner of your screen. You can go back and forth between Fastcase 7 and the classic Fastcase service. If you have any questions about access, contact or call (803) 799-6653, ext. 118 or 183.