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Posts tagged as “Smartphones”

How to Change the Default Archive Setting in Gmail


According to Lifewire, users who maintain Gmail as their email provider of choice cringe 96 out of 100 times when trying to swipe to delete an email in their mobile phone mailbox because swipe is set to archive rather than delete.

If you are one of those users, learn how to fix this default setting (iPhone or Android).

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How Recent is Your Mobile Backup?


If your office smartphone or tablet were to "brick," or no longer work, could you recover data to a new device?

Many iPhone and Android owners recently found themselves answering this question because of bad updates, bugs and repairs. Users who maintained iPhone or Android backups on a regular basis were able to quickly bounce back, but those who didn’t were not as lucky.

If you are planning to download the latest manufacturer update, be sure to check if your mobile device is eligible for software updates (Android or iPhone), has enough space (Android or iPhone), has a backup in several locations (cloud, hard drive, external drive) and properly downloads the update (Android or iPhone).

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How to Text through Email


Many clients are preferring to text with lawyers, but is texting a good idea?

How will you keep a record of your communications with the client? One alternative is to text using email. You can send a text message through email if you know your client’s phone carrier. Texts sent via email are easier to track and store in your firm’s case management system.

For a full explanation of how to text through email, check out this article from inPractice.

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Is Your Smartphone Protected Against Mobile Security Threats?


Today, smartphones are just as powerful and functional as tablets and computers. However, they are vulnerable to cybersecurity risks.

Did you know that the Federal Communications Commission has created a tool called the Smartphone Security Checker to help smartphone owners get protected against mobile security threats?

To use the tool, choose your mobile operating system and then follow the ten customized steps to help secure your device. Smartphone users should also check out TechRepublic’sfive ways to maintain your privacy on your smartphone and TCCrocks’ important steps to securing your smartphone.

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